Alex F. Yaworski…, Artist extraordinaire

Wholesale & Retail pricing…
I recently acquired a rather significant number of signed, unframed, 20”x24” paper
size, 16″ x 20″ (image), offset-lithographs, of nine different, classic Chicago scenes,
by the famed artist, Alex F. Yaworski… These wonderful, paintings, now in print
form, often appeared in, or on, the cover of the Chicago Tribune Magazine over the
years, dating back some 40-50 years. The images I now own are rather stunning,
and I believe, could be, great sellers, not just to Chicago visitors, but to Chicago
area, art lovers, as well.

If any gallery, hotel, or hospitality company were interested, they could be
purchased, unframed at wholesale prices, with the idea they would be great items to
sell locally. And depending on the quantity purchased, I would consider exclusivity.
At the same time, a wholesale buyer, could also selectively have any of the images
framed and hung locally. The Yaworski prints, are priced unframed, at $125
each wholesale, and could easily be offered retail and at $250 – $300 each.

Alex Yaworski’s work appeared in eight shows at the Art Institute:

1946 57th Annual American Exhibition
1946 50th Annual Artists of Chicago Exhibition
1948 59th Annual American Exhibition
1948 52nd Annual Artists of Chicago and Vicinity Exhibition
(name change & scope this year)
1950 54th Annual Artists of Chicago and Vicinity Exhibition
1952 56th Annual Artists of Chicago and Vicinity Exhibition
1954 57th Annual Artists of Chicago and Vicinity Exhibition
1955 58th Annual Artists of Chicago and Vicinity Exhibition

Where, when and how…
The images I own, are now featured on my website, and will remain there until all
are sold. If anyone is interested in speaking with me regarding these images please
don’t hesitate to call. In addition, I will be in Chicago at least 1-2x a month for the
next several months, beginning in December, and I carry a portfolio case with the
nine images on every trip. If someone were to buy all or a good number of them, I
would deliver them myself, to the Chicago area, at no extra charge.
Thank you very much for taking the time to read and view the attachments. Your
time, and any interest you might have, are appreciated.

Bob Danon